Meet the Makers

 I started making candles in 2015 as gifts for my family and friends, who in return absolutely loved them. One of my favorite things to do is to create products inspired by video games, movies, books, pop culture, and things that I’m simply passionate about.

I’ve always desired to make a living doing what I love, so I decided to give it a go and open up a small Etsy shop. That’s where Mysteries of Mayhem was born.

Having been based off of fandom inspired products, the name Mayhem comes from one of my very first World of Warcraft video game characters I created over 10 years ago! Now Mayhem has become the essence of our business, and she represents what I love to do: create things that I love and to share it with you guys.

In 2018, I met my other half Samuel who has inspired me to pursue my creative passion even more. I taught him the ways of candle making and now we aspire to create even more, while making the best quality products possible.

In 2019, I began to dive into the world of creating bath products and I’ve honestly had so much fun with it. I started with bath bombs because I LOVE them, but in reality, I had no idea the vast variety of bath products out there! Now I’ve made it my mission to make it all.

Our shop is forever growing, and we’re excited to expand and improve as much as possible in the many years to come.

Elaine & Samuel🖤