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Portable Scent Diffuser - Choose Your Scent - Summer Collection

Portable Scent Diffuser - Choose Your Scent - Summer Collection

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This adorable, minimalist hanging scent diffuser contains 8 ml of phthalate-free, strongly scented fragrance oil. It's the ideal way to enjoy summer fragrances while on the move.

Scent Notes:

Ancient Library - leather, parchment, and sandalwood.
Arcane Magic - cashmere vanilla, mandarin, and sandalwood.
Bard's Melody - plum, vanilla orchid, and caramel.
Dungeon Depths - rich soil, minerals, and moss.
Pixie Blessing berry, jasmine, and bubblegum.
Rain of Fire - birch, black pepper, and woodsmoke.
Underwater Elixir - sea salt, ozone, citrus,  jasmine, orange blossom, lilac, green leaves, rich tonka bean, and amber.
Warrior Rage - iced woods, vanilla, and fury.
Surprise Me! - any of the scents listed above chosen at random!


  1. Unscrew wooden lid and remove plastic stopper.
  2.  Screw wood lid back on tight.
  3.  Tip freshener upside down for 3-5 seconds and watch lid soak up the oil. Don't tip for too long or oil may leak!
  4.  Tie freshener to rear-view mirror. This item is not meant be placed on a surface that may move.
  5.  Tip every so often as oil fragrance starts to fade and lid appears dry. Please wait until lid is dry to prevent leaks when tipping.
    If any oil is spilled, please wipe away and clean surface immediately. Lid should only be removed to add more oil.
  • With this collection of portable scent diffusers, glitter or colored mica powder will not be added unless requested :)
  • The bottle will not have a label.