Skooma Hanging Car Freshener - Car Diffuser

Skooma Hanging Car Freshener - Car Diffuser

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"The finest skooma, the sweetest moon sugar. At a fair price, of course."
scent: A light fruit blend of black raspberries, strawberries, coconut, and vanilla musk.
Skyrim inspired.
Oil has purple mica powder for a beautiful shimmer.

This cute minimalistic hanging car freshener comes filled with 8ml of phthalate free strong scented oil. Great as a gift or party favors!


1. Unscrew wooden lid and remove plastic stopper.
2. Screw wood lid back on tight.
3. Tip freshener upside down for 3-5 seconds and watch lid soak up the oil. Don't tip for too long or oil may leak!
4. Tie freshener to rear-view mirror. This item is not meant be placed on a surface that may move.
5. Tip every so often as oil fragrance starts to fade and lid appears dry. Please wait until lid is dry to prevent leaks when tipping.
If any oil is spilled, please wipe away and clean surface immediately. Lid should only be removed to add more oil.

~ Mysteries of Mayhem is not liable for any damages caused by this product. By purchasing this product, you release Mysteries of Mayhem from any liability. Any oil spilled should be wiped away with a cloth immediately and the surface cleaned. ~