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Sleepy Dragon Tavern - Tobacco Leaf, Caramel, and Oak

Sleepy Dragon Tavern - Tobacco Leaf, Caramel, and Oak

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scent:  Step into the cozy embrace of the Sleepy Dragon Tavern, where the warm glow of lanterns illuminates wooden beams echoing with laughter and the clinking of tankards. Amidst the bustle of a medieval marketplace, the scent of orange mingles with earthy tobacco leaf, while oak and patchouli notes add depth and mystery, evoking tales of ancient forests and whispered secrets. Sweet sugary caramel balances the blend, reminding patrons that amidst the rough-and-tumble world outside, there's always room for warmth and comfort.

notes: tobacco leaf, caramel, and oak.

about: This 8 oz. wood wick candle, with its mesmerizing crackling sound, is encased in an matte black glass jar and adorned with a stylish black wooden lid. It makes for a sophisticated and enchanting gift, perfect for those with a taste for fantasy-inspired elegance.

photo by @goodwomanofthewoods